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Azure's memorable time at ATS London: Connecting with Brilliant Minds and Sharing Latest Innovations

ATS 2023 came to a close on June 14th, marking the end of an extraordinary event filled with industry expertise, innovation, and networking opportunities. Azure had an exciting experience at ATS London, immersing ourselves into the brilliant minds and insights of the latest programmatic advertising trends.

The panel discussion encompassed rich discussions and keynote speeches on a wide range of topics, including in-game advertising, Web3, and CTV. Sustainability and reducing the industry's carbon footprint emerged as the most significant and hotly debated topic on the second day's agenda. Phil Smith, Director General of ISBA, stated, "As we address the collective challenge of achieving sustainability in the ad tech industry, the voice of the advertiser serves as the unifying force that calls for a unified solution across the entire industry."

The discussion on the new advertising landscape remained vibrant. Within the programmatic multichannel advertising panel, participants expressed enthusiasm for programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH), considering it "the last untouched medium, with an incredible audience size and tremendous opportunities." This aligns with Azure's ongoing focus and dedication to exploring this realm, enabling us to reach wider and deeper audiences in the new ad landscapes.

During networking sessions, We proudly shared our newest company developments and product innovations, receiving overwhelming interest and positive feedback. The event was a vibrant celebration of the industry, filled with passionate professionals. We are grateful for the connections made and inspired to drive innovation in programmatic advertising. Thank you to everyone who connected and engaged in meaningful conversations.

Together, we will shape the future of programmatic advertising.

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