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Expo Review - What happened in the past DMEXCO 2022?

DMEXCO2022 ended up last week in Cologne, Germany, and after two years of online meetups, the face-to-face communication seemed unreal and more impressive.

This year DMEXCO Worlds was divided into six areas: the World of Agency, the World of E-Commerce, the World of Media, and the World of Tech, a Start-up location, and the area. All areas are dedicated to specific digital industry sectors, bringing together suppliers, manufacturers, technicians, and marketing experts.

As one of them, Azure Tech still remembers every friend who visited our booth, every spark of innovation that came out of our discussion, every idea that was inspired by our conversations, every business card exchanged and potential cooperation opportunity, and every conversation that started with HELLO...

Thanks to DMEXCO, we were able to connect with the most suitable business partners. We have managed to capture some moments that will never forget and looking forward to seeing you next year.

Azure Tech at DMEXCO 2022

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