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Breaking Boundaries with Azure: Join Us at ATS London for the Latest Insights

Azure is thrilled to be part of ATS London 2023. During the conference, we invite attendees to engage in advance appointments for meeting slots to explore the following key areas: Contextual Targeting, Omnichannel Marketing, Mobile/In-App Advertising, and Publisher Revenue Maximization/Diversification, etc.

About ATS London 2023

ATS London 2023, one of the most anticipated conferences in the programmatic advertising industry, will take place from June 13th to June 14th at the prestigious Central Hall Westminster Storey's Gate in London, United Kingdom. With bringing together industry leaders, advertisers, publishers, and technology providers, ATS London serves as a crucial platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and exploring the latest trends in the digital advertising landscape.

Topical Themes at ATS London 2023

First-Party Data: As privacy concerns grow and regulations evolve, harnessing first-party data has become imperative for advertisers.

Digital Audio: The rise of podcasts, music streaming platforms, and audio content consumption has opened up exciting opportunities for advertisers.

Supply-Path Optimization: In an increasingly complex digital ecosystem, supply-path optimization has gained significance as advertisers seek transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH): DOOH has emerged as a powerful channel for delivering contextually relevant and impactful advertising messages.

Engage with Azure

To learn more about Azure's programmatic advertising solutions and secure a meeting slot at ATS London 2023, visit our website or reach out to us directly. Let's shape the future of programmatic advertising together!

Contextual Targeting: We excel in targeting users based on behavior and semantics, enabling advertisers to deliver highly relevant and personalized messages.

Omnichannel Marketing: We boast a rich inventory of CTV, OTT, and in-app resources. By leveraging our extensive reach across multiple channels, advertisers can implement cohesive omnichannel marketing strategies.

Mobile/In-App Advertising: Our experienced technical team has developed a portfolio of iOS and Android apps, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of the traffic profile of our own products and provide advertisers with effective mobile and in-app advertising solutions.

Publisher Revenue Maximization/Diversification: Our motto is to boost monetization to diversity, ensuring publishers maximize their advertising potential. Through cutting-edge technology, advanced yield optimization, and strategic partnerships, we empower publishers to effectively monetize their digital assets and expand revenue streams.

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