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The Next Big News in Ad-exchange Platform

As a place where a large number of advertisers and publishers gather, ad exchange platforms are taking on an increasingly important responsibility. How to make the most suitable parties reach cooperation precisely and quickly is a challenge of the Ad-exchange platform.

Azure was founded in 2018, a technology company focus on programmatic advertising. We offer solutions for both advertisers and publishers. We create an Ad-exchange platform helping mobile content creators to maximize their revenue across a range of different screens, including CTV, mobile app development.

Throughout the years, Azure has expanded its activities, and now performs in various areas of the online market world. Programmatic Advertising base on Open RTB/JS tags, Ad exchange, Internet Technology Marketing. Today, we offer comprehensive solutions and services to publishers and advertisers hoping to get top-quality results, utilizing the most powerful media channels and tools available. The online world never stops changing, so we constantly adapt, perform accordingly and deliver results.

Currently we remain committed to our roots as an Omnichannel ADX platform. Our owned and operated inventories include casual gaming, utilities, fitness, health, etc. The specific target user segment allows a more accurate ad delivery effectiveness. We could also meet your customized marketing needs in different regions on the basis of our unique inventories have covered North America, Latin America and main Europe.

If you are interested please contact us below. For more latest information, please follow us on LinkedIn @Azure Tech.

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